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Lab Wars production update and COMPETITION!

This will be short and sweet!

Lab Wars Production Update

We have officially paid the manufacturer the deposit for the game and the few thousand units we ordered from them are being made as we speak!

In case you missed the earlier posts here are some pictures of the pre production copies we received and some pictures demoing the game too!

We're therefore still on target for our February deadline!

Competition time!

Just in time for Halloween we have a competition for our next game "Cauldron Master"! Cauldron master is a family friendly game which borrows similar mechanics from Lab Wars. You play as a coven of Witches to concoct potions to entrance the local population! It's been playtested with kids 8+ yet provides replayability and depth enough for adults too! 

You will be in for a chance to win one of these three prizes: Elder Sign being one of them:

How to enter:

Simply do the following for 1 entry each:


  1. Follow Cauldron Master on Facebook

  2. Like the competition post on the Cauldron Master page

  3. Share the competition post on the cauldron master page  


  1. Follow us Cauldron Master on Twitter

  2. Like the competition post on Twitter

  3. Retweet the competition post 

Here's a little snippet from our amazing artist Ksenia! 

We will announce the winners on the Facebook and Twitter feeds LIVE on November 2nd. 

Good luck and thanks!

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