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Lab wars is a fun 2-4 player card  game,

taking 30-60 minutes to play depending on players.


During the beginning of each round, players may play one of their five characters (research team) in a blind reveal mechanic. Each character gives you a bonus and the ability to sabotage the reputation of your competitors! But watch out, your competitors may be after your reputation too!


Then simultaneously players collect their bonuses stipulated on character and lab item cards with the star icon. Then individually, players will purchase lab item cards from their hand, impact cards from the open supply piles and "conduct experiments" to earn extra resource points. 


Watch out though, action cards may also be available to be purchased as these will allow devastating sabotage against your competitors or cool bonuses! What's really fun about these cards is they are based on REAL LIFE events we as scientists have encountered, heard about or researched! Just try not be radioactively poisoned ;) !



The player with the most impact points (your reputation) wins!

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